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Chicken and rocket meatballs

Chicken and rocket meatballs

Recipe Chicken and rocket meatballs by of 10-11-2016 [Updated on 20-02-2018]

Chicken and rocket meatballs with Schär gluten-free cracker breading are a simple and tasty second course to make. The low fat in the dough and the baking make the recipe light while remaining full of taste. These Chicken meatballs they are the second dish I have chosen to make for my menu gluten free and I recommend you try them because they are really delicious;)
This morning I am a little enthusiastic, yesterday I arrived home very late and this morning I am feeling a little tired of these past days in Milan. Okay, a couple of coffees and everything passes, a kiss and see you later: *


How to make chicken and rocket meatballs

In a bowl put the minced meat, the egg, the washed and shredded rocket, the parmesan, the salt and the nutmeg.
Mix everything until you get a homogeneous mixture.

Now form meatballs and bread them. Pass the meatballs one at a time first in a bowl with the beaten egg and then in a bowl in which you will have put the crumbled crackers.

Transfer the resulting meatballs onto a baking tray covered with parchment paper, sprinkle them with a drizzle of oil and bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 20 minutes.

When they are golden brown, your chicken and rocket meatballs will be ready to be brought to the table.

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