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Aperitif platter

Aperitif platter

Fish, not missing from the table of flowers

On Sunday, April 25, Christians celebrate the Flowers, the feast that commemorates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and his greeting with olive, finch and palm branches. Therefore, in the Romanian churches willow branches are consecrated, which the Romanians take to their homes and place them on icons, at the door of houses, at the gate and even in the stables of animals.

Fish is the indispensable food on the Romanian table on Flower Day, being a release for its consumption. It is said that Jesus asked to eat fish, which is why the Orthodox Church approves this food on the day of the Flower. It is also said that fish brings good luck to all those who consume it on April 25 and helps them heal from any disease.

Please note that seafood is not fasting, as many believed. The Archbishop of Tomis explained that the Romanians consider them fasting foods out of greed, in order to deceive the fast. Once consumed, it means you have broken the fast.

"It is very clear that they are not fasting, because those are beings, not fruits, even if they do not have blood, as they say. It's a false argument. Where did you see blood in milk and cheese? Not by a long shot. It is a kind of trick, a way to baptize these fruits out of greed ", replied the Archbishop of Tomis.

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